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Dr. Kunil "Ken" Ahn

Dr. Ahn is the Executive Director and President of the Meeduck Educational Foundation (MEF).  Dr. Ahn overseas the operation of MEF’s schools, including among others, the Meeduck Middle School, ChungJu Joongsan High School (formerly Joongsan Foreign Language High School) and ChungJu Commercial High School. 


Prior to MEF, Dr. Ahn was Principal of Joongsan Foreign Language High School in Korea for 17 years, before his retirement in 2008.  He served as President of the Korean Association of Secondary School Principals (KASSP) and President of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP), a global organization of primary and secondary school principals.  Dr. Ahn has been a key member on a number of committees for the Korean Ministry of Education, including the Committee for the Promotion and Coordination of a Comprehensive Teacher Development Program and the Committee for School Policy Coordination.  He has also served on the Youth Protection Committee for the Korean Prime Minister. 


In addition, Dr. Ahn was a faculty member of the Public Administration Department at the University of Maine for 17 years.  During his tenure as professor, Dr. Ahn was instrumental in developing a number of key educational programs for the State of Maine including the Maine Executive Institute (MEI), a training program for Maine State government executives with then-Maine Governor John McKernan and the Maine Management Institute, a training program for Maine State officials.  Much of Dr. Ahn’s expertise is focused on public administration areas (e.g., personnel administration), where he has published in the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, Journal of Housing, American Review of Public Administration, Employee Assistance Quarterly and the Urban Institute.  He has served or is serving as a Director for the Meeduck Educational Foundation and the Maine Executive Institute.  

Dr. Ahn received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Georgia, where also he did his post-doctoral studies in Public Administration.  He received his MS in International Relations from Fort Hays Kansas State University and his BA in Asian Studies from the University of Hawaii.

Sunny Ahn

Mr. Ahn is a Director of the Meeduck Educational Foundation.  He is currently the Managing Partner at SNL Partners, a venture fund and startup studio for early stage technology companies. Previously, he was a Partner at Endeavour Partners, a strategy consulting firm focused on mobile and digital industries.

r. Ahn has been a successful entrepreneur, strategic adviser and executive throughout his career.  Prior to joining Endeavour Partners, Mr. Ahn was a founder and CEO of Context Connect, a wireless directory and connectivity solutions provider, which was sold in 2012 (assets sold to Wal-Mart).  He co-founded Takeaclass, a database service company focused on providing marketing and procurement services to over 800 educational institutions in the US, including MIT, Harvard University and University of California.  The company was sold to Mindedge in 2001.

He has also worked in senior consulting positions at Ernst & Young and GeoPartners, in key marketing roles at SAS and as a developer for the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Mr. Ahn holds three US patents in the area of private connectivity and wireless directory services.

In addition, Mr. Ahn has worked directly with the U.S. Department of Justice on anti-trust work in the mobile communication space, with Ofcom in the development of wireless directory solutions in the UK telecommunicaiton market as well as on public interest (education, public health) issues involving the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). As an industry expert, Mr. Ahn has testified in front of the United States House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet on the topic of private connectivity and directory services.

Mr. Ahn has held teaching and research positions at MIT, Harvard University and Yonsei University (Korea) on entrepreneurship, transformation strategy, sustainability and IP strategy.  He is also a mentor for the National Science Foundation - NSF I-Corp program and the Korea Innovation Center (KIC). He holds a Masters and a Bachelors degree from Harvard University.

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